This will be my first post and my blog is going to be about why I became a follower of Zen. That is why I have named my blog Zen Writes and later on you will understand the “why” of my Zen writings as I call them.

I was born right after the second world war and I was lucky that I got the family I got, a brilliant father, a lovely and kind mom and two beautiful sisters, that’s it, no more about the family. I mention this because, in a latin American country, small families are not a common standard.

I was raised in the Catholic tradition, I learned English before Spanish as my family spoke English all the time, we still do. I learned early in my life that the Catholic teachings are very confusing and sometimes they contradict what they teach. Naturally, I was sent to Catholic schools and grew up with a lot of doubts about religion and other things.

My father was a brilliant Civil Engineer, I grew up surrounded by steel columns, I-beams, and so forth, huge warehouses and when I was a teenager, my father built several large catholic schools and you can be thinking that he was a very catholic person and no, strange as it might sound, he was almost an atheist, but a good person and he got along well with the Marist and La Salle Brothers. My mother was not that religious either, I was lucky to grow up in surrounded by cool and easy going parents.

When I was a young man, I still was trying to understand the teachings I had received in school about religion and all, so I started my quest in this matter. Finally, this is about what I’m going to be writing in this blog.