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Some 30 years ago, I moved to Ensenada in Baja, a very nice place, one of the many good things about this beautiful place is that is less than an hours drive through awesome scenery, to San Diego, a fine city in Southern California. One of the many times we drove to San Diego, I went to a library and found some books of Eknath Easwaran, a Hindu teacher who establish himself in the mountains of northern California, he gave talks on one-pointedness and meditation. I had so much time to read, that I immerse myself in the books and started to “try to meditate”.

In another trip, I found a book on Vedanta and later I knew there was a Vedanta center in San Diego and I went a couple of times and I meet the head swami, this center is one of the several branches of the Vedanta Society of Souther California.

But let’s go a little back in time, some 45 years ago when I started to work for an airline, and later on in a large travel agency, I began to understand what self-support means I bought my first car which by the way, was a beautiful VW Sedan and it would be my first VW of several. At this time is that I started to travel, my first trip was to eastern Europe & Greece. I now had the opportunity of learning of other cultures and ways of life, not to mention so different food and their history and architecture.